Jeff Lebbin Equine

5347 Grand Blanc Rd

Swartz Creek, Michigan


Meet Jeff Lebbin

Owner of Enchanted Acres


Jeff Lebbin is a trainer, clinician, and equine dentist from Swartz Creek, Michigan. His family-owned ranch, Enchanted Acres, is home to 60 head of horses, up to 20 head of cattle, and a pen full of Austrian Kelpies he raises to help with ranch work. If you ever have a chance to meet this modern day cowboy, you’ll meet someone who loves his work and almost always has a smile on his face. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifetime client or meeting Jeff for the first time; he’ll make you laugh -- guaranteed. Growing up Jeff’s family raised and showed Foundation Quarter Horses. By the age of ten he was training neighbors’ ponies for quarter mile driving races. By sixteen Jeff had turned professional and was hired by multiple farms to train and show their class A Morgans, Arabians, and Quarter Horses in a variety of disciplines including western, hunt seat, saddle seat, reining, and dressage, earning several world titles. Jeff was a full time trainer by the age of eighteen, training all breeds and disciplines, including driving. In 1990 Jeff expanded his horse operation and started a horse and carriage company that included fourteen Percherons and several carriages, which were used for proms, weddings, and parties. He was even featured with these horses in a movie and multiple commercials. Although Jeff still trains all disciplines, he is best known for his ability to train reined cow horses, from the young colt whose mind and body is ready to be molded to the well-broke horse that is missing his finishing touches. Jeff’s reputation for soft but firm training methods has spread nationwide.


Jeff’s success can be seen not only in the horses he’s trained, but also through the numerous wins he’s had with his own personal horses. From 2005 to 2008 Jeff was the Michigan NRCHA Open and Limited Open hampion. He was also the 2008 FQHR World Versatility Champion with his stallion “Smart Poco Equalizer” who was also crowned the FQHR World Champion Cow Horse for his combined performances in cutting, reined cow horse, and roping classes. In 2009 Jeff was the FQHR World Versatility Champion and Reserve World High Point Champion. That same year Jeff was the Michigan NRCHA Open Hackamore Reserve Champion with “Freckles Irish Pride”.


The most recent award, and the one that Jeff is the proud of receiving is the title of “Versatility Champion” with his stallion “Smarty”. Over 25,000 horses have been registered with the FQHR in its 18-year history. Smarty is one of only three horses to have attained this title.

Although Jeff is passionate about training and showing Reined Cow horses, when he saw the Extreme Cowboy Race on RFDTV he knew it was a new challenge right up his alley. Since competing in that first race where he won a saddle, Jeff  became hooked on the sport. In addition to competing in the EXCA, Jeff and his family have hosted multiple races on their ranch, featuring an extremely challenging outdoor course. In addition to competing and hosting events, Jeff was a National Advisory Board Member for the Mid-West region of the EXCA, a member of the rules committee, and helped develop the format for the new judging standards and the new judge’s test used by the organization. Jeff was one of the judges for the 2011 EXCA World Championship.


Jeff’s experience with all breeds and riding disciplines, as well as, his level of involvement with EXCA gives him a unique perspective on this sport. He believes in it and the bond it can develop between horse and rider. Jeff along with several others, has founded the American Horsemen Challenge Association. The AHCA is a timed obstacle course event where the “Extreme” has been taken out and emphasis placed on horsemanship. 2012 is the inaugural year for AHCA, and it looks like it is going to be a successful one.


Jeff currently holds judging cards for both AHCA and FQHR.